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Pregnancy Pain

A Message From Dr. Sarah O'Reilly, DPT, CF-L1, USAT-L1, Owner and Founder of Dimensions Physical Therapy

A woman’s pregnancy is an extraordinary and transformative experience that can profoundly impact her life. However, it is crucial to prioritize self-care during this time, as specific challenges may arise. Pelvic floor abnormalities, common during pregnancy, can be effectively addressed with minimal effort. By taking proactive measures to address these issues, you can prevent years of pain and discomfort and avoid the inconvenience of incontinence.

Throughout pregnancy, various statistics highlight the prevalence of pelvic floor issues:

By recognizing the prevalence of these issues and taking proactive steps to address them, women can better manage and alleviate potential long-term complications. Prioritizing pelvic floor health during pregnancy and postpartum is essential for ensuring overall well-being and minimizing any disruptions to daily life.

These concerns extend beyond women who give birth vaginally and affect those who undergo a cesarean section. The hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause ligaments to relax, increasing the risk of pelvic rotations even in women who have had a c-section. Additionally, scar tissue from the c-section procedure can impede pelvic floor muscles’ proper relaxation and contraction, leading to significant pain and incontinence issues.

To address these challenges, Dimensions Physical Therapy offers comprehensive assessments encompassing various aspects such as abdominal muscle function, overall posture, mobility of scar tissue, and pelvic floor muscle function. By thoroughly examining these factors, the underlying cause of the problem can be identified. Subsequently, a personalized treatment plan can be developed to specifically target and resolve the issues. This tailored approach allows you to regain control over your life and resume your desired activities without pain or limitations.

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If You Answered "Yes" To Any Of These Questions, You've Come To The Right Place!

At Dimensions Physical Therapy, we understand the unnecessary pain many postpartum women endure due to misleading advice. It’s time to challenge these misconceptions:

The Truth Is...

Suppose You're Fed Up With Painful Sex, A Mommy Tummy, Or Chronic Low Back Pain. In That Case, Dimensions Physical Therapy Is Here To Help You Reclaim Your Life And Pursue The Activities You Love, Even If It's Been 20 Years Since You Last Enjoyed Them! And The Best Part? Our Approach Doesn't Rely On Pills, Pads, Or Surgery.

Choosing the right healthcare provider is crucial for addressing your specific needs. Making the wrong choice could result in unnecessary surgeries, reliance on drugs or painkillers, or a lifetime of worsening symptoms. Don’t take that risk.

It’s important to treat issues such as leakage, abdominal separation, pelvic floor dysfunction, and postpartum hip/back/pelvic discomfort to prevent recurrence and find lasting relief using the least invasive and most natural methods available.

You need a provider who truly understands how the body works and recognizes the transformative effects that pregnancy and postpartum have on our bodies. To achieve full recovery, we must address multiple areas, including the neck, back, diaphragm, core, pelvic floor, pelvis, posture, strength, and overall body usage. It’s about more than just doing Kegel exercises!

Treating the symptoms alone won’t lead to a complete recovery. You deserve to work with a professional committed to exploring the underlying causes of your symptoms and dysfunction. This comprehensive approach will provide a permanent solution to your postpartum problems.

Don’t settle for temporary fixes or incomplete solutions. Choose a provider who will guide you toward a full recovery, empowering you to live a vibrant and pain-free life after pregnancy.

At Dimensions Physical Therapy, We Have Developed A Comprehensive Three-Step Procedure To Eliminate Your Postpartum Problems And Ensure You Never Have To Deal With Them Again.


We recognize the frustrations that can arise when navigating the healthcare system. Waiting for weeks or even months for an appointment, only to spend a rushed 10 minutes with the doctor, can leave you feeling bewildered and uncertain about your own experience.

This hurried approach is unfortunately prevalent in many physical therapy clinics as well. Therapists often lack the time to truly understand your goals and provide personalized care. That’s why we operate differently.

We genuinely want to hear your story first.

Having successfully worked with numerous postpartum women, we understand that each person is unique, with their own body, history, and patterns of pain and symptoms.

As a crucial first step, we offer an open chat where you can freely share your story. This allows us to gain a deeper understanding of what is happening in your body and how it is impacting your life. We can provide the most tailored and effective care possible by listening attentively to your concerns, goals, and experiences.

Your story matters to us and serves as the foundation for our approach. Together, we will embark on a journey to address your postpartum issues holistically and ensure long-lasting results.


Many individuals have received a medical term or diagnosis to explain what is happening in their bodies. A doctor could have provided it, identified it through medical tests, or discovered it through online research.

You may have received diagnoses such as Prolapse, Diastasis Recti, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Incontinence, Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Pain, or Hip/Back/Pelvic Pain.

Perhaps you were informed that your only options were to relax, take medication, or wait for improvement.

While these measures may offer temporary relief, they fail to address the underlying cause of the problem.

The truth is the source of pain or symptoms varies for each individual. No two people have the same problem stemming from the same underlying factors.

At Dimensions Physical Therapy, our primary objective is to treat the root cause of your discomfort to alleviate it and prevent it from returning!


This is the stage where significant transformations occur. We provide you with a personalized plan that empowers you to:

…resume physical activities, including running or jumping, without the fear of experiencing pain, stiffness, or bladder control issues.

…engage with your children, lift and carry them effortlessly, and enjoy quality time with them.

…reignite intimate relationships with your partner, free from pain and limitations.

…return to your favorite forms of exercise, such as yoga, running, tennis, or any activity that brings you joy and fulfillment.

As your body heals from Diastasis Recti/Abdominal Separation and regains its full core strength, you will regain your physical power, confidence, and allure.

Our ideal clients are motivated and eager to reclaim their active lifestyle, even if they currently feel constrained by their circumstances.

We are happy to provide the information you need if you want to learn more about our availability and pricing options before committing to a visit.

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