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Are You Finding It Challenging To Look Over Your Shoulders While Driving, Peer Into Overhead Cabinets, Get A Good Night's Sleep, Lift Weights, Or Carry Out Your Usual Work Or Household Tasks Due To A Headache?

physical therapy helping with headaches

Do the following scenarios sound familiar to you?

Our Goal Is To Support You In Discovering Long-Lasting Solutions To Your Headache Concerns.

We specialize in treating a wide range of headache conditions, including but not limited to:

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and our treatment approach is tailored to each individual’s specific needs and diagnosis.
Typical Causes of Headache
Headaches can have various causes, and pinpointing the exact trigger can sometimes be challenging. However, here are some common factors that can contribute to the development of headaches:
It’s important to note that individual experiences can vary; some may have specific triggers or underlying conditions contributing to their headaches. If you are experiencing persistent or severe headaches, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional for proper evaluation and diagnosis.

At Dimensions Physical Therapy, Our Approach To Treating Headaches Involves A Comprehensive And Personalized Plan Tailored To Each Individual.

Here are some critical aspects of our approach:
  1. Evaluation And Assessment: We begin by conducting a thorough evaluation to understand your headaches’ underlying causes and contributing factors. This may involve reviewing your medical history, conducting physical examinations, and assessing your posture, movement patterns, and muscle imbalances.
  2. Individualized Treatment Plans: We develop a customized treatment plan to address your specific needs based on the evaluation findings. This may include a combination of manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercises, postural corrections, relaxation techniques, and other interventions.
  3. Manual Therapy Techniques: Our skilled physical therapists may utilize hands-on techniques such as soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, and manual stretching to alleviate muscle tension, improve joint mobility, and reduce pain associated with headaches.
  4. Therapeutic Exercises: We prescribe specific exercises to improve muscle strength, flexibility, and posture. These exercises target the neck, shoulders, and upper back muscles to help relieve tension and promote proper alignment.
  5. Posture And Ergonomics: We provide guidance on maintaining good posture and ergonomics at work and during daily activities. Correcting posture and modifying ergonomics can help reduce neck and upper body strain, minimizing headache triggers.
  6. Education And Lifestyle Modifications: We educate you about potential triggers and lifestyle modifications that may help prevent or manage headaches. This may include stress management techniques, relaxation exercises, dietary recommendations, and sleep hygiene practices.
  7. Collaboration And Communication: We work closely with you and other healthcare professionals involved in your care to ensure a collaborative approach and optimize outcomes. If necessary, this may include coordination with physicians, neurologists, or other specialists.
  8. Long-Term Management: Our goal is to provide short-term relief and empower you with tools and knowledge for the long-term management of your headaches. We focus on teaching self-care techniques and strategies that you can incorporate into your daily life to minimize the frequency and intensity of headaches.

By combining these elements, our dedicated team at Dimensions Physical Therapy aims to help you find lasting relief from headaches and improve your overall well-being.

We Understand That Every Individual Is Unique, And Our Approach Emphasizes Personalized Care That Meets Your Specific Needs.

If you are experiencing persistent or severe headaches, we invite you to contact us today and schedule an appointment with one of our experienced physical therapists.

Together, we can help you find relief and regain control over your health!

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