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Frequently Asked Questions

Medicare is tricky and has alot of rules. We are not Participating Medicare Providers, therefore we can only accept Medicare patients if you have no intention of using Medicare to pay for the session. This request must be clearly made upfront by the patient. 
If you do want to use Medicare, unfortunately we cannot legally work with you, however we can help you find a good medicare provider in the area.
Please contact us directly with any questions.

This depends, but many times Yes! This is referred to as coverage for “out-of-network” benefits. Upon Request, we can check on this for you, just provide your insurance information! This typically applies to most NON-Medicare patients and is referred to as a “self-claim” or a “super-bill”, a receipt will be provided to you from Dimensions Physical Therapy. Oftentimes, a good majority, or even all of your bill may be covered this way!

Nope! Our goal is to help all active adults stay healthy and build resiliency. If you have goals of moving and optimizing your health, you are an athlete to us!

While we do treat high level athletes, we also work with weekend warriors, pregnant mommas, those who enjoy working out at home, those trying to get back into a workout routine and everything in between!

We are not directly in-network with any insurance companies, but you can use your Out-of-network benefits.

As a courtesy we can provide all patients with an itemized receipt (superbill) to submit to their insurance company.

This may allow you to recover a percentage of the upfront cost (typically 50-80%) from your insurance company, depending on your individual insurance plan.

You can also use your health savings account (HSA) or flex spending account (FSA).

Comfortable workout attire. We’ll be moving a lot, so whatever you’re comfortable moving in is perfect. If you prefer working out in pants, it is best to bring a pair of shorts as well. Additionally, if you have specific shoes that you run in, workout in etc please bring those with you to your first visit.

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