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Back Pain

A Message From Dr. Sarah O'Reilly, DPT, CF-L1, USAT-L1, Owner and Founder of Dimensions Physical Therapy

Many often dismiss back pain as trivial, assuming it will resolve independently. It’s common to attribute it to sleeping in an awkward position, a mere muscle spasm, or a condition everyone experiences at some point.

The puzzling aspect is that there’s no apparent cause for the pain, yet it remains persistent. If you are in this situation, rest assured you’re not alone. We encounter this scenario frequently, as lower back pain and sciatica are the most prevalent issues we treat in our clinic.

When coping with back pain, everyone we encounter is eager to know…

Why Is My Back Pain Still Persisting After Enduring It For 3-6 Months Or Even Longer?

When we experience back pain, most of us assume it will eventually disappear on its own. We hold onto the belief that one day we’ll wake up and find our problem miraculously gone. However, after six months pass, we often find ourselves living with even more severe chronic back issues, surpassing the initial discomfort.
Does This Situation Resonate With You?
One of the most exasperating situations we encounter in our clinic is when individuals with chronic lower back pain come to us after being advised by their previous doctors to “rest” and take pain medication. The problem is this approach proves ineffective! If these individuals hadn’t sought our help, they would have returned to their doctors, frustrated and still in pain.
Have You Experienced A Similar Situation?

Determining the best course of action for your back pain can be challenging when you’ve received conflicting advice from authoritative figures. Unfortunately, most of the information provided is unhelpful!

Addressing back pain is not only about what you do when it hurts but also how frequently you engage in activities that exacerbate the problem. When certain areas of your body become weaker or sustain further injury due to improper movement and posture, it becomes increasingly difficult to rehabilitate that specific region. Chronic pain can become a recurring issue without taking steps to restore balance through targeted strengthening exercises.

Back pain often perplexes individuals, making them accept it as an unavoidable part of life. Why does backache persist far longer than it should? The abundance of conflicting instructions from various sources, often lacking credibility, makes it challenging to discern the correct approach.

If You're Currently Dealing With Back Pain, Here Are Seven More Reasons Why It May Be Lasting Longer Than It Should:

  1. You expected the pain to subside on its own, but it persisted.

  2. Doctors advised you to rest and take painkillers, but they provided only temporary relief, and the chronic ache returned once the medication wore off.

  3. You accepted back pain as a normal part of the aging process, assuming little could be done about it.

  4. You sought help from other healthcare professionals or physical therapists in the past, but their advice or treatments didn’t yield any noticeable improvements.

  5. You attempted exercises from YouTube videos that were ineffective or exacerbated your back pain tenfold.

  6. Your back pain was so severe that you believed rest would be the solution, but it worsened your condition.

  7. You opted for massages, hoping to alleviate the pain, but they merely provided temporary relaxation without addressing the underlying issue.
If you’ve already tried everything and continue to experience discomfort, there’s no need to endure it any longer. We are here to assist you. We invite you to schedule a free phone call with one of our knowledgeable back specialists, who specialize in helping individuals like yourself find relief from chronic low-back pain problems. Simply click the link below to get started!

"What Can I Do To Quickly Alleviate My Back Pain?"

Well, here are four actionable steps you can take:
  1. Make a proactive decision to seek help: Believing that your back pain will magically disappear over time can be a costly mistake. As many of us have experienced, it rarely works out that way. Instead, consider a program that works with simple lifestyle adjustments to break free from the cycle of discomfort that persists for months on end.

  2. Engage in the right exercises: Seek a qualified physiotherapist who can provide you with a tailored series of exercises. These exercises are designed to reduce your back pain and restore freedom of movement. Don’t delay in implementing them—these exercises can work wonders and provide rapid relief.

  3. Avoid prolonged periods of sitting and rest: Prolonged sitting on a sofa or in one position can exacerbate your back pain. What you need is more movement and exercise. A skilled physical therapist understands the importance of incorporating movement and hands-on treatment to expedite your recovery and promote overall health.

  4. Opt for hands-on physical therapy: Physical therapy can make a remarkable difference for individuals suffering from low-back pain. At Dimensions Physical Therapy, we encounter this type of injury frequently and are dedicated to helping you find relief as swiftly as possible.

Would you like to learn more about how we can assist you in restoring your back’s functionality? Simply give us a call today!

How Choosing To See A Physical Therapist At Dimensions Physical Therapy Can Help You Quickly Eliminate Your Back Pain In Just A Few Days?

Let us explain what our dedicated Physical Therapy team can do for you:
In essence, we can assist you in reclaiming a life unburdened by the persistent curse of chronic back pain. Let us help you get back to living a fulfilling and pain-free life.

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